Wouter Dolk
Amsterdam 1962

From my earliest childhood memories the natural world that surrounded me has informed my life and art. Time spent in my family garden in The Netherlands cultivated a deep-seated fascination of all plants and trees. The countless hours digging, laying out paths, weeding and creating dense borders bursting with flowers was my main past-time. My own little botanical garden, my homage to Kew and most importantly, my initial attempts in my transformation as a true aestheteā€¦

After my studies in Fine Arts at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam I moved to the city of Cologne, Germany. As an artist I have always been comfortable in exploring various disciplines: illustration, painting, fabric design, and the creation of epic floral murals to name a few. Through collaborations with various luxury interiors studios my career has carried me internationally to New York, Switzerland, Paris and Hong Kong.